It is so nice to be back to work full speed with a Live Website! I took quite a bit of time off over the last 18 months, almost 2 years to have a Baby!Now my little Rocco is a little older, I feel the time is right to get back to doing what I enjoy the most, Photography! I will update the images in the Galleries on regular basis and I will also try and Blog often about the day to day life of a self-employed Mum of 2 🙂

My Children are my World and if I am not working, I can be found taking a lot of photos of them. My Children are my inspiration and daily motivation to better myself and find a rhythm with work/life balance which suits me as well as my little family. But time goes very fast and I feel that it is just as important to me to record Life as it goes for my Clients as it is for me 😉

Please feel free to comment on the images I post on the Blog or on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, it is always much appreciated. Here is a recent photo of my littlest Munchkin 😉

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